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8 Ways to Upcycle Mason Jars

Thrift stores and junk markets nearly always have an overpopulation of canning jars. How can we cut down on this excess?

Here are eight crafty suggestions (besides the obvious ‘canning’ option):

1. Candle lanterns

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French Macarons – Delight or Disaster?

Put French macarons on the table and you become instantly more stylish.

They are as beautiful as they are delicious—and they are as delicious as they are expensive.

Attraction, delight and financial disaster have never been so satisfying.

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Here’s to Spring and Flying Birds

Winter survival technique #3 (after #1 Central Heating and #2 Hot Drinks):
Think about birds, flying north.

Their migration begins in February [yes, soon!] and indicates the coming spring more definitively than a groundhog emerging (or not emerging) from its barrow.

It is arguably more impressive, too.

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7 Conquered Mountains and a Cupcake

[You] vs. [Something else]

If these brackets describe your life right now, take a look at the following photos of hikers conquering mountains.

Their athleticism and joy might inspire you to persevere and conquer.
If not, they’ll at least give you an opportunity to mentally escape.


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Made in Alaska: 7 Alaskan Designers

An official ‘Made in Alaska’ stamp exists for items that are totally made in Alaska. Like the ‘Fair Trade’ and ‘USDA Organic’, the ‘Made in Alaska’ stamp evokes a mixture of pride and vague optimism about the world—or at least about Alaska.

Made in Alaska‘ has also become a parody, screen printed on t-shirts and underwear. (The phrase may refer to Alaskans themselves, after all.)

Of course, there are a number of Alaskans who design and produce items without the official symbol. You can search for these artists on or simply view the artists featured here:

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9 Unique Soap Flavors

Soap? Exciting?
It’s possible.

Check it out:

1. Cheesecake soap –
a clean way to rub dessert all over your body if, per chance, it ever crossed your mind.

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14 True Shots of Brussels

Brussels isn’t a tourist-magnet, but it’s still got charm—an endearing, down-to-earth sort of charm.

Whether you’ve visited or not, here are fourteen sights one could attribute to Brussels with laughter and appreciation:

1. A disorganized skyline – evidence of either a large anarchist population or a government with soft spot for chaos.

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