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8 Unique Nativity Sets

Classic nativity sets are, like potpourri baskets, quickly recognized and easily ignored.

For something more memorable, choose a nativity that…
Is racially neutral  (1).

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9 Ways to Use Leftover Chocolate

Those familiar with the season of Sinterklaas know that giant chocolate letters have been profusely distributed throughout the Netherlands for the past few weeks.

[For those who are peacefully unaware of this peculiar holiday, David Sedaris has cleverly explained everything you need to know here.]

If you were lucky enough to receive a letter (or five) this year, you might be wondering what to do with such a reserve of chocolate—besides simply eating it. Yes, other options do exist.

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To Nowhere, From Nowhere

We’re on the final stretch of 2010 now. Soon, we’ll be socially pressured into either thinking about the future or meditating on the past.

But before that terrible moment arrives, let’s think about right now.

This calls for poetry, outdoor photos and benign background music.

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