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5 Mementos from The Museum of Broken Relationships

This New Year’s might be an ideal time to dispose of the leftovers of your past relationships—or give them to this Croatian museum:

The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb displays an eclectic assortment of mementos donated by people who have endured a break-up and want to share or get rid of ex-memories. Each relationship is anonymous except for its original location, length of duration and final summary of events, both tragic and hilarious.
One doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh at the end of the exhibition. Shakespeare would probably love it.

A few examples…

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13 Unique Coffee Cup Cozies

Coffee cups are sometimes so hot that you involuntarily drop them, spilling the burning contents over your arms and onto the floor and allowing a stander-by to practice his/her first aid knowledge on your new injury—that is, cold water and a salt compress.

Lesson learned: get a cup cozy.

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16 Cool Christmas Trees

If you’re disappointed in your quirky version of a Christmas tree this year, don’t be. What is ‘classic’ anyway?

Finding a ‘classic’ Christmas tree is probably impossible; every Christmas tree seems to have a set of oddities that make it ‘cool’ rather than ‘classic.’

Imperfect or cool? It’s your decision:

1. Christmas trees with ambiguous religious backgrounds–
“Christmas tree 2004, proving beyond dispute that I am indeed the world’s worst Jew.”

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Tea-cycling #4: Tea Bag Pillows

Tea-scented pillows are pretty easy to make. The instructions are so simple that one could simplify them into five simple sentences (i.e. five subjects and predicates).

Furthermore, the subjects are invisible—which may or may not be simpler depending on your feelings about ‘the implied you’.

This introduction is already more complicated than the tea-scented pillows.

Give it a try…

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3 Non-Alcoholic Wine Tips for ‘Bob’

‘BOB’ is a Dutch acronym for ‘Conscious Non-drunk Driver’ [Bewust Onbeschonken Bestuurder]. It’s a common word on Dutch road signs and also, sometimes, in clever TV commercials (see commercials #1, #2 and #3).

In honor of these commercials, here are three tips for finding & serving non-alcoholic wines at parties, so that ‘Bob’ can look classier than a cup of water.

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Made in China: 7 Chinese Designers

Instead of buying mass-made clothing from chain stores, try ordering your clothes directly from China; it minimizes the middleman and improves individual style.

Good results all around.

To get started, check out this sampling of seven designers, based in China and listed on Etsy:

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The Best Heirloom (Heritage) Seeds

Without heirloom seed companies, winter gardening would be a dull subject. We wouldn’t need to order ahead or debate between tomato varieties (‘Amish Orange Sherbet’ vs. ‘Black Brandywine’ vs. ‘White Wax’…), or otherwise find entertainment in bizarre vegetable names.

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