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13 Nonconformist Christmas Wreaths

Factory-made plastic wreaths are not always ugly, but they do lack the personal touch that Christmas implies.
And besides, the plastic plant industry is productive enough already with hospital gift shops and low-budget play props.

Instead of increasing the fake plant population, here is a collection of thirteen non-aisled wreaths for the creative mind:

1. Made from excess fluff. (Wherever you might find that…)

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14 True Shots of Amsterdam

If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam (for whatever innocent reason) and you tell someone—especially a non-European—about your Amsterdam plan, he/she will probably make at least one remark:
a.) about Dutch tolerance
b.) about “having fun,” with raised eyebrows
c.) about “staying safe,” with crinkled eyebrows
or d.) with unusual interest in your plans and personal character.

Amsterdammers deserve more respect than that.
Thus: 14 simple non-illicit ways to remember Amsterdam,
just so you know.

1. Bicycles
with emphasis on bicycles.

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Rainy Day Special

Last week, Belgium and the Netherlands were properly rained out with a month’s worth of precipitation in two days. Floods, emergency evacuations and canceled train trips were duly divided among all.

Meanwhile, Denmark has snow.

Despite their collapsed guttural language, we still feel jealous about the Danes every now and then.

(Namely in November, of course, when we aren’t thinking straight).

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10 Strange S’mores

Since most our memories about s’mores involve cheap chocolate, burned marshmallows and graham cracker-covered faces, let’s admit that the s’mores tradition is simply bizarre without nostalgia.

Doubtful? Here are ten s’mores that show just how eccentric this American pastime has become:

1. S’mores Soap

Oh yes they did.

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Growing Upside-Down Plants

Pots for plants have evolved; they can now hang upside down.

upside down plant

Besides looking awesome, these upside down plants save space and water, allowing even cramped urban apartments to have a bit of greenery.

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Bonfire Night

In honor of Guy Fawkes Night [Nov. 5], here is a list of casual observations made of what people chose to burn in bonfires.

Besides wood, paper and twiggy little matches, that is.

‘The extras’, if you will…

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