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City Walks: or, Panic & Mayhem (Part 1)

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Sociologists should research how tourists interact with the tourist sites they visit. Are they genuinely attracted to these monuments, or is their interest subtly based on confusion and fear?

In other words, are tourist sites actually interesting to the millions of people who visit them, or do they merely serve as social havens for lost foreigners, showing them where to go and what to do?
Would closing these important locations cause panic and mayhem among the tourists?

Paris Skyline

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10 Amazing Clouds & Reasons To Notice Them

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A fluffy white cloud over a grassy green hill is not an overrated beauty, but it unduly distracts everyone from other clouds that are similarly awesome, despite their unusual or unpleasant situations.

Here’s to aesthetic equal rights for all clouds: ten clouds, ten contexts, and ten reasons to notice them.

Cloud 1: Near Pollution
(It almost camouflages the factory.)

Cloud factory – Amalfi by MorBCN

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