19 Creative Ideas for Gingerbread Houses

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Like Christmas wreaths and light decorations, gingerbread houses are a holiday art that can be either really simple and pretty, or extravagant, time-consuming and spectacular. Either way, making & decorating a gingerbread house takes patience and ingenuity, especially if you want to enter into a gingerbread competition. For inspiration, here are nineteen creative ideas to help you begin your next gingerbread abode.

1. ‘The Gnome Home’

via The Etsy Blog

Gnome Home Gingerbread House
The Etsy Blog

2. Chimney smoke made of cotton candy

via Vesper Miniatures

Gingerbread House with Cotton Candy from the Chimney

3. Tiny gingerbread houses

– Chocolate & pink dollhouse
via Petit Plat

Gingerbread House - CHocolate and Pink - Dollhouse Miniature

– Nordic style
via Mijbil Creatures

 Gingerbread House Nordic style

4. Made with sugar cookie dough instead of gingerbread dough

via Askanam

 Gingerbread house sugar cookie dough

5. Gingerbread beach shack

via About.com

Gingerbread Beach Shack

6. Lighthouse

via Parsley, Sage & Sweet

How to build a Gingerbread House at the last minute
Parsley, Sage and Sweet

7. Graham crackers instead of gingerbread – easy!

via Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola

Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses

8. A picturesque bakery selling cake, ginger snaps and another tiny gingerbread house

via The Redhead Baker

Gingerbread House
The Redhead Baker

9. House of cards

via Shannon Berry Design

A House of Cards gingerbread house
Shannon Berry Design

10. Edible nativity set

via Mai K. Swapp

Gingerbread Nativity

11. Swedish cottage with boughs of greenery and a cinnamon-stick woodpile

via Martha Stewart

Swedish Gingerbread House How-To

12. The city of Amsterdam wrapped around a cake

via Martha Stewart

Gingerbread Town-Square Cake

13. Colorful church with a bell tower

via Rick + Vanessa + Bridgette

Gingerbread Church
Rick + Vanessa + Bridgette

14. Tree house, perched in a Rice Krispies tree

via Martha Stewart

A House in a Tree

15. Country home with a pretzel picket fence and a thatched roof made of mini-wheats

via Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive, 365

gingerbread house
Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive, 365

16. A whole village of bite-sized houses, cut and assembled from a gingerbread sheet cake

via Martha Stewart

Mini Chocolate Gingerbread Village

17. Inspired by a favorite book, with the love & dedication of a true fan

via A Can of Crafty Curiosities

Harry Potter inspired "The Burrows" Gingerbread house
A Can of Crafty Curiosities

18. Nestled on the side of a mug

via Not Martha

tiny gingerbread houses
Not Martha

19. If everything else fails:
via I Effing Love Dinosaurs.

gingerbread house dinosaur
I Effing Love Dinosaurs.

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