18 Ways to Upcycle Old Sweaters

Second-hand stores seem to always have a surplus in large, ugly sweaters. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to transform and reuse these old sweaters:

1. Toys for the cat (or dog).

via Hepsibaba Bow Wow

Catnip Mouse, Upcycled Wool - White with Blue Fair-Isle


2. A bracelet / cuff.

via Bird & Elephant

Cuff Handmade Upcycled Felt Deep Cranberry with 2 Wooden Buttons


3. An infinity scarf.

via Zasra

Upcycled infinity SCARF, patchwork, repurposed cotton and wool sweater knits, multi folk design


4. A journal cover.

via Paper, Sticks and String

Recycled Sweater Journal- Lavender Moon and Evergreens


5. Mittens / fingerless gloves.

via Smarmy Clothes

retro 70s Sweater Hearts wrist warmers


6. Christmas stockings.

via My Oly Girl

Personalized Christmas Stockings Custom Monogrammed Upcycled Wool Large


7. A cute stuffed animal.

via Artisan in the Woods

Wool Elephant Stuffed Animal Made From Recycled Sweaters


8. A garland of hearts – for valentine’s day, a wedding, or just to say ‘I love you.’

via Scarlet Cord Designs

Sweater Heart Garland - Red and Gray Recycled Sweater


9. Adorable children’s clothing.

via Dainty Cheeks Boutique

Grey Large Cable knit upcycled sweater dress- polka dot dog w/ balloon


10. Tree ornaments.

via Wicked Waif Fiber

Americana Star - Felted Wool Patchwork - made from recycled sweaters tree ornament


11. Baby rattles – disguised as toadstools.

via Mosey Handmade

amanita muscaria toadstool upcycled baby rattle


12. A classy winter cowl.

via Recycled and Resewn

angora wool scarf cowl winter cream sparkle buttons made from recycled sweaters


13. A pillow.

via Fancy Marmot

Recycled Sweater Cushion Cover Grey with Red Zipper


14. The incredible sweater coat.

via Vicious Cycle

Girls maxi coat upcycled sweaters


15. A purse.

via Karen Meyers

Brick Red Cabled Purse With Vintage Trim Detail


16. A coin wallet – probably less ambitious than the aforementioned purse.

via Sesame Seed Designs

Recycled Sweater Coin Purse, Pouch- Stripes and Leaves


17. A cozy rug.

via Five Forty

Recycled Sweater Rug, Merino Wool Rag Rug, Blue, Grey, Green, Rag Rug Runner, Eco Friendly Rug


18. A simple shoulder wrap.

via Sweetbriers

Recycled Sweater Upcycled Cowl Neckwarmer Wrap



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