18 Ways to Upcycle Matchboxes

Anyone who loves tiny treasures is sure to like upcycled matchboxes. In fact, after seeing all these great ideas, you may begin to wonder which is more useful: the match or the box?

1. Shadow box – ‘The Magic Hat in the Matchbox’
via la boom!

Handmade shadow box frame -The Magic Hat in a Matchbox


2. Travel sewing kit
via A Place to Lay My Thread

sewing kit matchbox


3. Wedding favors
via Orchard & Brown

Perfect Match Matchbox


4. A little bed for a tiny stuffed animal
via Atelier Pompadour

Bunny plush green in matchbox bed


5. Matchbox art – ‘Enigma’
via Marzia’s Art

Puzzle matchbox art Miniature pencil


6. Miniature treasure box – ‘La Fille Russe’
via Magpie Workshop

La Fille Russe - a miniature treasure box


7. Advent calendar for Christmas
via Merry Matchboxes

Christmas Advent Calendar Garland


8. Birthday party in-a-matchbox
via Lobster and Swan

Altered vintage matchbox with a birthday party inside


9. Jewelry box
via Milagritos Jewellery

Antiquated brass Rose and woman milagro charm necklace


10. Shrine / ‘Nicho’ – Latin American folk art
via Sacred Gun Moll

Our Lady Of Winehouse Pocket Matchbox Nicho / Shrine


11. Valentine’s Day gift
via Satyrika

Cupid shooting down a heart in a matchbox


12. A tiny woodland
via Machel Spence

Tiny Matchbox Woodland Scene with Tiny Mushrooms, moss covered house and tiny vintage bottlebrush trees


13. Thank you message
via Frau Heuberg

The Thank you Matchbox


14. Stamp holder
via Kitty Darkness Designs

Zombie Cat Hand Carved Stamp


15. Tiny tea party
via Jessica Schidlow

Vintage Matchbox Miniature Assemblage Tea Party


16. Box for bobby pins
via In Grips We Trust

I Do Hair MatchBox : Bobby Pins


17. A miniature magazine cover
via Robayre

Grass Stars teensie tiny miniature zine


18. A love letter
via Paperiaarre

Letters to you - matchbox art



5 Responses

  1. frauheuberg

    April 11, 2012 6:37 pm

    hello Stephanie…its no problem and thanks for featuring our little matchbox on your blog and linked back…lovley ideas from the other artists…all the best and thanks for your message…cheers and hugs…i…

  2. Jeanne Berg

    April 11, 2012 9:36 pm

    Love all these fabulous ideas. Who would think that such a small box could be the foundation for such inspiration! Thanks so much for including mine.


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