18 Pictures Of Lampposts From Around The World

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Moving or traveling overseas has moments where nearly everything seems unrecognizable, as if you were dreaming or temporarily suffering from amnesia. You tell yourself it’s a phase, that if you just wait a few minutes or hours, you’ll remember everything again and be able to read the road signs or know which ingredients you can and cannot find at the grocery store.

During these disconcerting bouts of ‘where-am-I?’, sometimes it’s helpful to focus on familiar ideas or objects found just about everywhere: laughter, the sky, and street lamps, for example. It’s not a permanent remedy and it won’t help you find your hotel, but perhaps the relation will help you feel more at ‘home’. Try it out with these international set of lampposts:

1. Hong Kong

Lampost sky by Joey Lim

2. Catalonia, Spain

bus stop by Vittis from Lithuania

3. Uruguay

la jetée, villa soriano by Matias Brum

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Snowy view, Prague by Florin Draghici

5. Marrakech, Morocco

faroleando by bachmont

6. North Carolina, USA

Snowy Dock by Aaron Alexander

7. Positano, Italy

Positano by masolino

8. Medellín, Columbia

Cold Medellín Night by odanielgp

9. Arizona, USA

Sunset at Gila Springs subdivision #5 by Kevin Dooley

10. Basel, Germany

The moon balloon by Tambako the Jaguar

11. Quebec, Canada


12. Singapore

Tranquility by motiqua

13. Oregon, USA

A walk in the fog... by Misserion

14. London, UK


15. Shanghai, China

Lamp posts by Thomas Berg

16. Nebraska, USA


17. Bordeaux, France

Lamppost by Alexandre Duret-Lutz

18. Hawaii, USA

End of World by Keo 101

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