18 Ideas for Homemade Valentine’s Cards

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At some point, Valentine’s Day cards (especially for kids) became all about the puns. Perhaps a pun helps to make such a passionate holiday less awkward for unsentimental people, or people who’d like to say ‘I love you’ but are too shy to be serious, or just people who love puns. Whatever the reason, puns make writing homemade Valentine’s cards much easier.

1. Superman lollipops : ‘Have a SUPER Valentine’s Day!’

super man lollipop valentine
Zakka Life

2. Love bugs

Love Bug Valentines

3. Painted rocks : ‘You Rock!’

heart painted rocks
Color Me Katie
valentine rock u rock
Little Lovables

4. Rulers

You Rule Valentine’s Day Cards

5. Cafe gift card : ‘I like/love you a latte’

i like you a latte valentines card
Eighteen 25

6. Bobby pins

Bobby Pin Valentines

7. A matchbook of two

Matchbook as Valentine’s Day Card

8. Pictogram

Accordion Fold Rebus Valentine
Martha Stewart

9. Fortune cookies, filled with lovey puns

Valentine’s Fortune Cookies
Felt Fortune Cookies
Martha Stewart

10. A homemade scratch-off card

Scratch-Off Hearts Card for Valentine's Day

11. Fish candies or crackers : ‘So glad we’re in the same school!’

fish school valentines card
fish school valentines card

12. Buttons

Cute as a Button valentines card

13. Puzzle pieces

Puzzle Pieces as Valentine’s Day Card

14. Fruit stickers : ‘You’re the apple of my eye,’ ‘I’m going bananas over you,’ etc.

Naturally Sweet Fruit Stickers valentines
Naturally Sweet Fruit Stickers valentines

15. Cereal boxes – a treasure trove of puns
e.g., ‘You have a heart of Gold’ (Golden Grahams); ‘I’m not playing Trix. I really like you’ (Trix); ‘I’m Cuckoo for you’ (Cocoa Puffs), etc.

DIY: Cereal Valentines
Lily Jane Illustration and Design Blog

16. Squirrels and/or nuts : ‘I’m nuts about you!’

DIY Clever Romantic Squirrel Love Card for Valentines, Anniversary, or I Love You

17. Library cards

Checking You Out Valentine Card library card
library checkout valentines card

18. Glow sticks

Glow stick Valentine’s card

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