17 Ways to Eat Toast

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Toast is a simple food, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s boring. In fact, crunchy bread is surprisingly versatile, both as a snack and as a source of creative inspiration.

There are, of course, many ways to eat toast. This list of seventeen is only the beginning…

1. With guacamole, garlic, and salsa verde (see recipe)
– and after-dinner mints, hopefully.

Garlic-Rubbed Toast with Mashed Avocado and Salsa Verde by SweetOnVeg

2. With animal faces
– to remind you to eat less.

うり坊トースト / toast of wild boar's child by yomi yomi

3. Classic peanut butter and jelly.

PBJ Toast Triptych by Lloyd Morgan

4. French style.


5. With a groovy vintage toaster.

Toast for Breakfast by nessguide

6. With extra big bread slices.

Large Order Of Toast by JD Hancock

7. Using a high-tech ‘toaster of the future’

– see CNC toast (photo below), the roller toaster, the transparent toaster, a toaster that burns messages into your toast, and a toaster that gives the weather forecast on your toast [!].

hello, world by Windell Oskay

8. With bread called toast

– so you can say, ‘I’m toasting toast.’

Toast Bread by reedwade

9. Italian style.

Ciabatta toast by Francois Jordaan

10. As an art project.

Portamarillo - Toast Art by epicbeer

11. With butter and true love.


12. With jam and excessive violence.

Toasticide by Stuart Caie

13. Topped with cheese

behold its power.

Cheese Toasts by D. Sharon Pruitt

14. For a toast party!

Toast Fest! by Bruce

15. With the sophistication of marmalade.

Marmalade on Toast by David Martyn Hunt

16. Fresh out of the toaster.

Toast! by John McClumpha

17. With incredible  self-confidence.

Yeah toast!


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