17 Charming Pictures of Clovers

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According to elementary school bulletin boards across America, March is St. Patrick’s month. No matter about Mardi Gras, the first day of spring, or Doctor Suess’s birthday; life-according-to-bulletin-boards has declared March as ‘St. Paddy’s Day’ (perhaps because clovers are easier to make than glittery women and multicolored fish).

However—as cool as elementary schools are—some people may have missed or forgotten this message. For that reason, and with carnival gripping society, we would like to remind everyone that March is really about leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, and the color green.

Thank you.

four leaf clover by Courtney Bolton
Beautiful day #1 by yugoQ
four-leaf clover by Romtomtom
Five-leaf Clover by Mikko Luntiala
bright clover by andi.vs.zf
Pure hearts by be_khe Giang Hồ Thị Hoàng
Free Happy Smiling Girl Holding Lucky Clover by D. Sharon Pruitt
Belpasso - After the rain by Francesco Pappalardo
Dew by Benson Kua
082/365 This is us by Gibson Regester
Luck is... (explored) by Umberto Salvagnin
"Still a Lucky One" by Kat...B
droplets on a clover by (cipher)
Four leaves clover by Steven Yamada
Real Four Leaf Clover by Charlie f
Lucky Charms by David Steltz

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