17 Beautiful Photos of the Appalachian Trail

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March and April are the months to begin hiking the Appalachian Trail if you’re looking to conquer the behemoth south-to-north this year.
All 2,181 miles of it.

Backpacking in the deep south of America for half a year is certainly a brave decision. As Bill Bryson wrote during his time in the Appalachians, “I think I have a right to be a trifle alarmed, pardon me. I’m in the woods, in the middle of nowhere, in the dark…” [A Walk in the Woods]

It’d be nonsensical if it weren’t so beautiful. As it is, looking at these amazing photos of the Appalachian Trail can make you feel jealous.

Asterisked by Nicholas
Appalachian Trail Sign by Compass Points Media
Long Walk by Nicholas
Overlook by Nicholas
Sunset at Appalachian Trail by Pardesi*
Icing by Nicholas
Valley by Nicholas
LambertRidgeSkyward by Bob Stein
Kittatinny View by Nicholas
Fading Light by Nicholas
appalachian trail marker by Andrew Ciscel
Spotlight by Nicholas
grass at sunset by Andrew Ciscel
Patterned by Nicholas
Bear mt., New York. by Asaf antman
Appalachian Trail by Dimitri N.

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