14 True Shots of Washington D.C.

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It may not be as artistic as Seattle or as romantic as Paris, but Washington D.C. is nevertheless charming in its own political way.

1. Columns, columns, columns.

The National Archives columns
The National Archives by Samuel Silva

2. Even indoors.

National Building Museum
National Building Museum by Phil Roeder

3. Very long escalators.

Dupont Circle Escalators
Dupont Circle Escalators by Alex Barth

4. Posh neighborhoods in & around Georgetown.

Autumn in DC
Autumn in DC by Vladimer Shioshvili

5. The thrill of heavy snowfall – how it demobilizes everything.

F Street Washington DC
F Street by Alex Barth

6. The birthplace of the USD.

$10 and the US Treasury
$10 and the US Treasury by Ryan McFarland

7. Various important libraries.

Martin Luther King Library
Martin Luther King Library by Alex Barth

8. Epic memorials.

monument Washington DC
Battle Cry by Kevin Dooley

9. Yet more epic memorials.

monument Washington DC
All is calm at 3 AM by Arkansas ShutterBug

10. Well-organized streets with names like ‘G’ or ’13’

– or the occasional state name, like ‘Rhode Island Avenue’.

Pennsylvania Ave - Old Post Office to the Capitol at Night
Pennsylvania Ave - Old Post Office to the Capitol at Night by Wyn Van Devanter

11. Mysterious White House activities.

white house hard hat inauguration
You're Going to Need a Hard Hat to Live There by Rob Shenk

12. The dark, somewhat post-apocalyptic metro stations.

Washington DC Metro Station
Washington DC Metro Station by peter french

13.  Political demonstrations.

red bandanas, goggles, gas mask
red bandanas, goggles, gasmask by Jenene Chesbrough

14. Campaign paraphernalia – whether or not it’s an election year.

Music for Obama
Music for Obama by Kathleen Conklin

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