14 True Shots of Toronto

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Toronto has been called the New York of Canada, and with good reason. The skyscrapers, artsy vibe and variety of nationalities are all reminiscent of NYC, only with a Canadian sense of pride and quirkiness. A few sights you might see while visiting:

1. The eccentric shops and red trams on Queen Street

Queen street toronto
Queen by Jackierueda

2. Incredible lightning storms

Lightning over Toronto Skyline
Lightning over Toronto Skyline by NadiaTanya

3. Dundas Square

Dundas Square in Downtown Toronto
Dundas Square in Downtown Toronto by fotostrudel

4. Cyclists – commuting to work, cruising the boardwalk, and being cool in general.

I can go anywhere Toronto Canada Bike
I can go anywhere by MarianneLoMonaco

5. Many beautiful sailboats

Sailboats at Bluffer's Marina, Toronto
Sailboats at Bluffer's Marina by Skybird111FineArt

6. And ferries.

Vintage Toronto Ferry and Skyline
Toronto Ferry and Skyline by FotoCommunique

7. Diversity of people, culture, food.

Toronto Window Shopping
Window Shopping by fotostrudel

8. Stacked power lines

Daybreak Toronto
Daybreak by TheLonelyPixel

9. Misty days

fog mist, Toronto, Canada, Bluffers Park
Misty Magic by Skybird111FineArt

10. Honest Ed’s in all its kitschy glory

Fancy Panties Honest Ed's
Fancy Panties by tanjatiziana

11. The huge Chinatown(s)

Toronto's Chinatown at night
Toronto's Chinatown at night by TorontoStreet

12. Peaceful beaches

Lake Ontario, Bluffer's Park, Toronto
Bluffer's Park by Skybird111FineArt

13. The bright and lovely Eaton Centre

The Migration Eaton centre, Toronto
The Migration by StillMemory

14. Rainbows over Lake Ontario – even Double Rainbows [!]

Lake Ontario Rainbow over pier, Toronto dock on summer evening
Lake Ontario by jennifersquires

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