14 True Shots of Seattle

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Some cities are so weird, you end up loving them simply because of their strangeness. Seattle’s a bit like that. It’s difficult to capture its quirky culture in photos, but here’s an attempt. You could recognize Seattle with:

1. The Space Needle

– and Mount Rainier as a tastefully-distant backdrop.

Simply Seattle by Andrew E. Larsen

2. The downtown musicians

– and their adoring hippie fans.

He loved cellists by Lisa Brewster

3. Seasonal docks

– summer = packed, winter = empty.

Marina Park Sunset by Cynthia.Lou

4. The Seattle Public Library

– one of ten awesome libraries.

Reading at Seattle Library on Tetris Chairs by Christopher Patterson

5. The University of Washington library

– two of ten awesome libraries.

Suzzallo Library by Wonderlane Wonderlane

6. The unbeatable smell of cold, salty air

– and cold, fresh rain.

Image by Hillary Boles

7. The city’s peculiar history

– summarized eloquently during a dusty tour of the underground.

tellers cage, seattle underground by Ed Schipul

8. A ship-wrecked parking garage

– yet more evidence of that peculiar history.

A triumph of imagination over logic by Shiney Things

9. Decidedly more imposing views of Mount Rainier.

The Mountain by Andrew E. Larsen

10. All the people who say they live ‘across the Sound’.

Seattle from Alki by Bala

11. And their commute:

Image by red.dahlia

12. Incredible marine biology

– as shown through boat trips, aquarium visits, and tide-pooling in excess.

Image by Hillary Boles

13. Incredible marine biology

– as shown through fish-throwing seafood markets.

Image by Renato Lorini

14. Coffee

– of course.

Zeitgeist Coffee by LWY

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