14 True Shots of London

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London is a melange of culture. Its population is large and diverse, ranging between aristocrats and immigrants, businessmen and backpackers.

Despite the extreme differences between Londoners, the city has certain characteristics that everyone can experience. For example:

1. The vast, deep maze of the London Underground, a.k.a ‘The Tube’

– a modern Cretan Labyrinth, only with advertisements.

tube by Pedro Figueiredo

2. The Thames river at night

– memorable for the glowing blue trees and the all-seeing London Eye.

London Eye by Moyan Brenn

3. The British breakfast

– providing for all your essential fats and beyond.

17 Sorten Fett by Christian Kadluba

4. British humo(u)r.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? by nolifebeforecoffee♡

5. Train stations with high ceilings.

St Pancras International by Simon Lesley

6. The much-respected bobby.

Yeah man by Fabio Venni

7. Gray days and black coats.

5 by Petras Gagilas

8. Hyde Park

– home to bewildered tourists, outspoken extremists and many happy geese.

Whose counting the E-Numbers boys??? by Keven Law

9. The color red.

London bus by E01

10. The sophisticated London cab.

Brompton Road by Michiel Jelijs

11. Shows and playhouses everywhere, to the point of absurdity.

At intermission, they disregard the elegant atmosphere and sell ice cream.

Royal Opera House by David Woo

12. Puddles and brick buildings.

Burn baby burn by Fabio Venni

13. The continuous swarm of tourists photographing Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace.

Walk through these areas and you will be caught in someone else’s photo.

Shooting the parliament by Maurice

14. Minding the gap:

Mind the ( ) by Richard Fraser

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