14 True Shots Of Edinburgh

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If Edinburgh had a color scheme, it would probably be gray and green with a side of red. Moss, cobblestone and redheads; creepy vines, stone buildings and red tartans; green grass, gray weather and red coffee cups…
Whatever combination you choose, Edinburgh is a great to place to visit. Check it out:

1. Impressive stone architecture

– one word: Hogwarts.

tolbooth kirk by mike123

2. Cozy cafes

–  a necessity, given the annual rainfall.

red cups by Dream in the Dark of Day

3. Mist

– for when the rain leaves.

Links in the fog by Dave Morris

4. Bagpipe street music

– complete with kilts, leather satchels, and high white socks.


Bagpipers by Shadowgate

5. Kilts galore

– worn especially for weddings, sports events, and general Scottish pride.

An exercise in natural framing, part 2 by Edward Simpson

6. Umbrellas

– held mostly by tourists. (Edinburgh locals have stopped taking the effort.)

dreich by filtran

7. The sunsets

– unexpected and stunning.

Days End.... by Keven Law

8. 44 Scotland Street

– it does exist.

44 scotland street (rear view) by filtran

9. The peaceful, uncrowded shoreline

– evidence of a cold (albeit lovely) ocean.

Under the sky by Giulio Bernardi

10. The ghost tours

– despite its stone-and-greenery charm, Edinburgh can be rather creepy in certain places, with certain stories.

Image by Laurence Arnold

11. The Ocean Terminal

– once a shipyard, now a shopping mall. Thank you urban renewal.

Edinburgh - 14:54 (July 09th) by Fabrizio Sciami

12. The amazing Camera Obscura museum

– so you can feel intelligent and stupid, simultaneously.

Image by Elaine Stirling

13. Scottish vibes

– you know what I mean.

castle cross by Alan Weir

14. The hilltop views

– they make all the uphill/downhill walking wonderful.

Waverly by Dave Wild

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