14 Cool Things To Wear From The Hunger Games

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You’d expect a popular young adult series like The Hunger Games to made into movies, but weddings? It’s happened: at least one real wedding and a couple of mock-wedding photo shoots – #1 and #2  – had a Hunger Games theme. Weapons and poisonous berries are just so romantic.

Then again, Hunger Games-inspired apparel is pretty cool, even if you haven’t read the books.

1. Arrow headband

via Bella Mantra

Steampunk Arrow Headband- Metal Headband- Silver- Hunger Games- Katniss Arrow

2. Final words in The Valley Song

via The Forks Forest

here is the place where I love you. Katniss' final words in Rue's Lullaby, The Hunger Games Quote Necklace

3. Peeta’s pearl

via Cinsational Baubles

Peetas Pearl - Hunger Games Inspired Keepsake Antique Brass Locket Necklace

4. District 1 ear cuff

via Kjeel

Hunger Games District 1 Ear Cuff with Swarovski Crystals

5. Duct tape wallet

via Raindrop Wallets

Hunger Games inspired Duct Tape Wallet

6. Hair ribbon sculptures

via Take A Bow Handcrafts

The Hunger Games Symbols Hair Clip Set Hair Ribbon Sculptures

7. ‘Got sponsors?’

via The Dro

Hunger Games Shirt Got Sponsors parachute

8. Mockingjay and arrow bracelet

via I Adorn U

Hunger Games Mockingjay Silver Arrow and Silver Bird

9. The reaping of district 12 necklace

via 1 Lucky Soul

The REAPING OF District 12 The Hunger Games necklace Inspired

10. Cinna nightlight ring – with a bright red LED light

via The Artist Sandbox

The Hunger Games Inspired Cinna Night Light Ring

11. Mockingjay necklace

via Spot Light Jewelry

The Hunger Games Jewelry Mockingjay Necklace

12. Nightlock berry earrings

via Bottled Wonders

Hunger Games inspired nightlock berry earrings- miniature bottles with polymer clay nightlock berries inside

13. Mockingjay TOMs

via For the Love of Harry

Mockingjay Painted TOMS

14. Friendship cuffs – quote from Peeta and Katniss

via The Copper Fox

Hunger Games Stay With Me Always Brass Skinny Cuff Pair

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