13 Whimsical Photos of People and Red Balloons

If you didn’t think becoming emotionally attached to a balloon were possible, just watch Le Balloon Rouge.  If you don’t love red balloons after the short film, you’ll at least appreciate the color red. (And maybe balloons, too.)

Balloons In The Sky by Cyril Caton

In any case, red balloons are a great addition to nearly any artwork; they’ll make even serious photos seem a bit whimsical and jolly.  Just check out the following thirteen pictures of people and balloons to get the photographic feel of Le Balloon Rouge:


Stand Out by Vinoth Chandar

Image by Chantal Kreth

Image by Katelyn Demidow

One day I'll Fly away by Stephen Brace





Chasing Love by By D. Sharon Pruitt

The Girl With The Red Balloon by sfrancisball

baby balloons 5 by Charlotte

Siem Reap by Edwin Lee


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