13 Ways to Upcycle Plastic Dinosaurs

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Relics of childhood are often difficult get rid of, whether because of nostalgia or just because the toys still seem cool. Fortunately, plastic toys like dinosaurs are easy to reuse. All you need is a drill or a saw and glue (if that!) to reshape them into unique gifts or practical household items.

1. Dinosaur vase or pot with an air plant

via Boy-Girl Tees

Dinosaur Planter with Air Plant

2. Key chain dinosaur – to guard your keys

via Bij Toeval

 Plastic dinosaur keychain

3. Refrigerator magnets

via The Original Animal Magnet

plastic dinosaur magnets

4. Trophy heads, which can double as towel racks, hat hooks or key holders

via ZooK

dinosaur trophy head

5. Art / paperweights

via The Cheekiest Monkey of All

plastic dinosaur art
The Cheekiest Monkey of All

6. ‘Dino dig’ for a kid’s party – bury the dinosaurs under chocolate cake to ‘excavate’

via Martha Stewart

dinosaur dig dirt cups
Martha Stewart

7. Birthday candle holder

via The Sweetest Occasion

plastic dinosaur candle holder

8. Dinosaur menorah

via Momfluential

plastic dinosaur menorah

9. Cake or cupcake toppers

via Spaceships and Laser Beams

dinosaur cake topper

10. A creative way to confess your love or give a Valentine’s Day greeting

via Lovely Indeed

plastic dinosaur valentine statue

11. Toothbrush holder

via That Mama Gretchen

plastic dinosaur toothbrush holder

12. Cool mason jar lids

via Hot Polka Dot

plastic dinosaur mason jar lids

13. A dinosaur necklace

via Cartoon Styles

plastic dinosaur necklace


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