13 Unique Homemade Stuffed Animals / Creatures

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Home-making stuffed toys has at least one big advantage: it allows for that irreplaceable ‘personal touch’ of craziness. The animals (and other creatures) can be exactly as strange and wonderful as you want.

1. Ninja octopus.

via Jayne Danger

SMALL Octo-plushie in Ninja Disguise

2. A Kermode bear.

via Royal Mint

natural spirit bear - felt bear soft sculpture stuffed animal

3. A firefly / lightening bug
– for your city friends, or your city self.

via Bubbletime

Handmade Firefly Stuffed Animal lightening bug

4. ‘Normal’ animals, only upcycled from old clothes.

via Every Eskimo

small vintage upcycled stuffed turtle

5. The elusive Loch Ness monster.

via Olive Bunny

Loch Ness Monster stuffed animal green

6. What is it?
– I don’t know, but it’s awesome!

via Zanimals!

starla recycled stuffed animal striped pink

7. A horseshoe crab
– hoping your child will become a wildlife biologist, no doubt.

via “Ooh Look, It’s a Rabbit” Designs

Horseshoe Crab Crocheted Stuffed Animal Brown

8. ‘Tony the Toybox Monster’ – the face of terror.

via All Stuft Up

Tony the Toybox Monster: Amigurumi Stuffed Animal Monster Toy Green

9. A rabbit-loving bear.

via Meilinger Zita

Teddy bear rag doll stuffed toy rabbit shirt pine cone

10. A bird of paradise – with a fancy tail, naturally.

Piggly and Pebbles

floral pattern colorful bird of paradise with elaborate tail stuffed animal

11. Filled partially with lavender
– and/or other lovely-smelling stuff.

via Mogwaii

Soft toy with lavender and polywool stuffing stuffed animal rabbit gray

12. A punk-haired horse, Waldorf-style.

via Garden Birdie

Felt Horse, Wool Waldorf Toy, Dark Brown Orange, Multicolored Yarn Mane Tail stuffed animal

13. A cycloptic dragon alien
– it was hard to choose.

via Adopt an Alien

Weird Stuffed Dragon Toy animal cyclops

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