13 Nonconformist Christmas Wreaths

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Factory-made plastic wreaths are not always ugly, but they do lack the personal touch that Christmas implies.
And besides, the plastic plant industry is productive enough already with hospital gift shops and low-budget play props.

Instead of increasing the fake plant population, here is a collection of thirteen non-aisled wreaths for the creative mind:

1. Made from excess fluff. (Wherever you might find that…)


2. Yarn balls.

That is genius, my friends, if you happen to have 25 yarns balls and two broken wrists from snowboarding.

homemade christmas wreath by Chris_J

3. Buttons, twigs and a pink house possibly stolen from the train set enthusiast down the street and then painted pink for concealment.


4. Your first initial
for everyone who keeps forgetting your name.


5. More buttons!
They need to go somewhere.

Button Christmas wreath by The Shopping Sherpa

6. Dried apples
for as long as you can suffer not eating them.


7. A cheery note to greet those people who always forget your name.


8. For warm climates
instead of those glittery ‘snow-sprinkled’ wreaths that snow birds still put on their doors, regardless of the sunshine and ideal temperatures.


9. Corks!
They also need to go somewhere.


10. Birch wood is once again the champion.


11. Neck ties
and a good way to begin retirement.


12. Newspaper scraps.

13. And lastly, the classic real stuff.

It can’t smell any better than that.


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