13 Creative Ways to Mark Your Garden

Garden markers are useful in at least three situations: 1. your garden is so neat and orderly, you mark the sections simply to show them off; 2. your garden (or memory) is so chaotic, you need markers to constantly orient yourself; or 3. you don’t actually have an outdoor garden, but you pretend you do by marking your indoor herb plants.

In any case, garden markers are so pretty, it’s hard not to want them.

1. Twigs.

via No Jo Is Average

Twig Herb Plant Markers Rustic Garden


2. Wooden stakes.

via Wood & Grain

Plant Markers Garden Wood Stakes Hand-Stamped


3. Engraved stones.

via sjengraving

Natural Garden Markers Plant Herb


4. Terra cotta.

via Just Potters

Garden planter box markers herbs


5. Porcelain mushrooms.

via Studio By The Forest

Garden Mushroom Porcelain Plant Markers


6. Vintage spoons.

via Homespun Sprout

Vintage Spoon Plant Markers


7. Bright rectangles.

via Boulder Design

Vegetable Garden Markers for Seedlings


8. Hand-painted pictures.

via Diane Ziegler

Adorable Ceramic Vegetable Garden Marker


9. Upcycled shampoo bottle [!]

via Katiedid Online

Eco-friendly plant labels shampoo bottle


10. Concrete bricks.

via Airy Obsessions

Concrete Herb Bricks Handmade


11. Simple squares of color.

via Paulova Ceramics

herb garden labels


12. Clothespins – useful year-round.

via Etched in Time, LLC

plant marker clips clothespins


13. If you have no garden, per se, but you do have big wild patches of grass:

via Jemm Dee Creations

Broken China Garden Sign - Recycled Plates - Plant Marker - Love Grows Here



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