13 Clever Ways to Serve Cheese

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The basics of cheese etiquette are adequately explained by numerous food and cheese websites. (See this one, two and three.)

After following every straightforward cheese-serving instruction, however, you may still feel as if your cheese platters are lacking something.
For additional flair or amusement, try one of the following suggestions:

1. Purposefully break etiquette by using only one knife.

It will force all participants to taste the green cheese, even if they were hoping not to.

Fromage! by Simon Doggett

2. Label the crackers, as if you consider them equally important.


3. Make individual cheese stacks for each participant

— yet another way to make everyone try the green cheese.

Image by lucy like whoa

4. Use a stone serving board.

It might make the men feel more masculine about eating dainty pieces of French cheese.


5. Use a long, thin serving board, perfect for two people.


6. Arrange a taste-off competition between the cheeses with bite-sized pieces and dramatic lighting.

Cheese platter by Derek Tam

7. Use multiple knives, labeled by cheese type.


8. Or by potency/cheese flavor, for inexperienced guests.


9. Have more bread and fruit than cheese.

You’ll get the glamor of having a cheese plate without the smelly refrigerator or bad after-cheese breath.

Cheese platter by Everett Mar

10. Provide only two cheese types.

Whether none, one, or both are overpowering is your cruel decision.

cheese platter by Bethany Khan

11. Use a home state-shaped serving board (even if it’s Hawaii).


12. Write a motivational note beside the cheese platter to inspire and comfort your guests.


13. Bring a cheese-loving friend to finish the leftovers.

mice by Elena Gurzhiy

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