12 Ways to Upcycle Walnut Shells

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If you break a walnut perfectly in half, you can make a dozen things out of the shell. Even if it’s not perfect, there are still a few ideas to try.

1. Thumbelina sailboat
via Gifts & Stars

Thumbelina Walnut Sailboat - Vintage Doily, Walnut, Soldering

2. Soap – with ground walnut shells for exfoliation
via Simply Selah

Lemongrass and Chamomile Gardener's Soap - With Walnut Shells and Lemon Peel

3. Necklace
via Abundant Earth Works

Walnut Shell Hand Linked Necklace

4. Fruit bowl
via Larry’s Loot

Walnut Shell Compote- Bowl

5. Jingle bell ornaments
via Green Baboon Designs

Jingle Bell Walnut Shell Ornaments

6. Miniature baby carriage

via Sunny Day Art & Craft

Walnut carriage with baby

7. Little pincushion
via Frost Lane

Charming walnut shell pincushion with ladybug pin

8. Earrings
via Real Fruit Jewelry

Black Walnut Shell Earrings

9. Tiny bed for a tiny mouse
via The Greedy Crocodile

Tiny Walnut Mouse - needle felted brown mouse sleeping inside a walnut shell

10. Manger for a nativity set
via Roxy’s Tiny Treasures

Walnut Basket Ornament made from a real hand cut walnut- Baby Jesus in a straw filled manger

11. ‘Chicken in a walnut’ felt ornament
via Bossy’s Feltworks

Chicken in a Walnut - White Leghorn - Needle Felted Ornament

12. Floating candles
via Green Baboon Designs

Walnut Shell Floating Candles - Beeswax

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