12 Ways to Upcycle Old Watering Cans

Watering cans are so quaint and charming that they’re difficult to get rid of, even if a hose is faster and easier, and even if they’re old, leaky and rusted. Fortunately, there are at least a dozen ways you can repurpose an abandoned yet lovable watering can, besides letting it be a home for cobwebs and spiders.

1. Portable signpost

watering can sign


2. Birdhouses

Watering Can Birdhouse


watering can birdhouse


3. Shower head

watering can shower

The Cozy Old Farmhouse

4. Flower vases, e.g. table centerpieces

watering can wedding vase


watering can vase


5. Fountains and waterfalls

watering can waterfall fountain

Small Rooms

watering can fountain


6. Garden statues

Magical Watering Can

Magical Watering Can by Heidi Easton-Pichler

7. Part of a spring display

watering can spring display


8. Table lamp

watering can lamp

Jane Coslick

9. Makeshift rain barrel or water butt

watering can rain barrel


10. Small Christmas tree stand

watering can Christmas tree

Shabby Story

11. Hanging vases

hanging watering cans


hanging watering can vase


12. Picturesque plant pot

watering can planter

Garden Muse


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