12 Ways to Say ‘I’m Sorry’

You can never say sorry too much, but you ought to change up your style every once in a while. (Especially if you’re a very sorry person.)

Here are twelve original ways to spice up your apologies:

1. Metaphoric rain clouds
– representing your tears, of course.

via 4/Four Cards


2. On a doorway
– with an ‘I love you’ added for good measure.

via The Bottom Line


3. A letter straight from ‘the doghouse
–  undoubtedly attached to a piece of jewelry.

via Lulov Press


4. CTRL + Z…

via Teconlene


5. And other geeky references.

[Puns included.]

via Apfelstrudel


6. Scrabble tiles
– unless you’ve just won at scrabble.

via Silver Horse Photography


7. Big clumsy animals
– to illustrate your imbecility.

via Eleventy


8. A charming mixture of thank you’s and apologies
– just keep going until they say, ‘Okay! Okay! Stop it! I forgive you!’

via Vixen’s Empire


9. Written freshly on a heavy rock with your dark, iron-rich blood…

Red paint would also work.

via Two Farm Chicks


10. With a tad bit of pure unintentional self-righteousness
– just a tad.

via Tyro Press


11. Like a bro.

via Sinan Saydik


12. With the simplicity of lined paper, clothes pins and a black sharpie
– nothing says it better.

via The Button Dudes



7 Responses

  1. TheBottom line

    June 22, 2011 5:15 pm

    Haha, I’m glad you liked the photograph. I thought it was a great apology method when I saw it too! :)

    • cherish

      November 17, 2011 3:53 pm

      Omg I love all theese way and imma try em all cuz I effed up wit my best freind I hope they work. Boy this gonna Be a challenge cuz I. Made a huge promis and man did I drop the dime if yhu can come up wit any things for best freinds it wuld be great for me.

      Ps. Number one is the best


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