12 Sophisticated Baby Shower Cookies

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Most baby shower decorations seem to emphasize parenthood with, for example, bottles, pacifiers and a lot of baby-carrying storks. If this isn’t your style, a sophisticated alternative is simply to focus on one color, like pink or blue, and use only subtle baby references. This approach is shown perfectly in the following baby shower cookies, beautifully decorated by bakers on Etsy.

1. Brush embroidered cookies
via Amber Spiegel

Brush Embroidered Cookies - One Dozen Orange Vanilla Spice Cookies

2. Tiny roses
via Amber Spiegel

Tiny Rose Cookies - 4 dozen Orange Vanilla Spice Cookies

3. Crescent cookies, tied with a bow
via Sugar + Spice

Almond Crescent Cookies - 2 dozen festive homemade cookies

4. Dots and stripes
via Sugar Me Desserterie

Sugar Cookies Iced Custom Baby Shower Cookie Favor

5. Bite-sized cherry blossom cookies
via Crafted Cookies

Cherry Blossom Cookie Nibbles

6. A unique theme – e.g., ‘Over the Moon’
via Batches

OVER THE MOON - 1 Doz. decorated sugar cookie

7. Trees in blossom
via BB Sweets Love

Cherry Blossom Cookies

8. Baby whales
via BB Sweets Love

Baby Whale Cookies

9. Monogram ‘B’ or ‘G’ for boy or girl
via The Pastry Tart Bakery

Monogram Letter Baby Shower Cookie Favors

10. Monogram of the baby’s name
via Miss Betty Cakes

Homemade Custom Elegant Chic Monogram Initial Sugar Cookie Collection

11. Stencil design with iced flowers
via Dainty Delights

Dorthy Cookies

12. Heart tea cookies topped with blue or pink sugar
via Butter Blossoms

Heart Tea Cookies pink
Heart Tea Cookies

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