12 Awesome Cups of Latte Art

Art class curriculum should include the skill of swirling and decorating milk froth since, quite frankly, barista work is best done by art majors.

Besides, latte art is difficult enough to require a proper education. There are even competitions for it.

latte art in progress by journeys

In honor of this art form (and perhaps, for inspiration), here are twelve awesome examples of latte art:

latte art by Dream in the Dark of Day

Latte Art by John Prince

Crane/Swan/Phoenix/Awesome by Nicholas Lundgaard

Latte Art by Robert Engberg

Pumpkin latte art by jack

Latte art on Cappuccino by mahiro1322

R1061341 by yoppy

Latte Art Etching Makeda 1 by Michael Allen Smith

latte Art by PoYang

Relax, Mr. Accountant by Dennis Wong

Hot Chocolate Etching - Dubsea Coffee by Michael Allen Smith

Latte art on Cappuccino by mahiro1322

If you’re inspired, learn and try the basics.
Then, post photos of your latte art on our facebook page and win the admiration of all.


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