11 Unusual Pictures of Angels

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Beliefs about angels vary incredibly, from absolutely disbelief to specific details about angel names and body structures. Theology aside, the concept of angels can inspire impressive photography, both strange and lovely:

1. Chubby baby angels

– presumably not the guardian type.

Look! There's an angel near the window! by Rama V

2. Angels’ wings

– and the gusts of wind they create.

Angel via kameron elisabeth

3. Angelic animals

– for now.

She's An Angel by Rob Walker

4. Streams of light

– similar to The Lion King, only without the dancing animals.

Streaks of Light? by Maxim Trudolubov

5. Sudden visitors with semi-dramatic entries

– or maybe it’s just your cousin.

angel descending by Cornelia Kopp

6. Extremely feminine angels, complete with make-up and polished nails

– leading you to believe that all beauty specialists go to heaven.

light angel by Cornelia Kopp

7. Feathers

– because angels are… Half birds?

so light by anniej0849

8. White sheets

– the best way to resemble an angel, according to Christmas and Easter plays.

While girls play the game of walking away by Julija Felajn

9. The sun and moon

– judging by their halos.

photosynthesis by mamnaimie (-/+)

10. Helpful strangers

– they’d be normal people if we weren’t so grateful, but we are, so we promote them.

Dublin XIII. aka Angel Exit via Vladimir Longauer Photographs

11. Our imagination

– sometimes, it’s all we got.

Like a fly to ... by Sean Rogers

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