11 Types of Lonely Tree Photos

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Trees are perfect models for art, especially when they’re silhouetted and standing apart from other trees. This ‘lonely tree ambiance’ provokes a wide variety of emotions, depending on the tree’s particular location and circumstances. To experience the sundry sides of lonely, take a look at these eleven solitary tree pictures:

1. Tree next to a desolate-looking stone cottage

– particularly if the sky is cloudy and dark.

Plateau de La Godivelle - 05-05-2007 - 13h19 by Panoramas

2. Tree in a massive wheat field

– the single survivor of a forgotten forest.

Lonely Tree by Jule_Berlin

3. Tree in a monstrous muddy field

– the single survivor of a forgotten forest and harvest season.

Lonely Tree by Bert Kaufmann

4. Tree beside an abandoned road

– cue Bob Dylan.

Lonely road, lonely tree by Håkan Dahlström

5. Tree among trunks

– ow.

Eagle Nest Road by Patrick Emerson

6. Tree befriending a cloud

– a relationship doomed from the beginning.

Alone by Kevin Collins

7. Tree in a dusty desert

– loneliness is probably one of its lesser problems.

Oh Tomorrow I’m Alone .. by Hamed Saber

8. Deciduous tree in winter

– an entire season of that ‘naked on stage’ dream.

Young Tree by Hartwig HKD

9. Tree trapped between two uncomfortable companions

– ‘rock and sky’ or ‘fence and water’, for example.

Drama by Daniel Zedda

10. Small tree in a big forest

– it’s like being a freshman for 10 years.

New kid in the neighborhood by James Jordan

11. Little fruit tree

– the pressure to look picturesque must be overwhelming.


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