10 Strange S’mores

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Since most our memories about s’mores involve cheap chocolate, burned marshmallows and graham cracker-covered faces, let’s admit that the s’mores tradition is simply bizarre without nostalgia.

Doubtful? Here are ten s’mores that show just how eccentric this American pastime has become:

1. S’mores Soap

Oh yes they did.

S'more Soaps by soapylovedeb

2. Commercialized S’mores

S’mores cereal, milkshakes, crackers, energy bars, pudding cups, granola bars, ice cream…This list is ridiculous.

No-Bake Chewy Granola Bars by jamieanne

3. S’mores Accessories

The rabbit hole is deeper than we thought, my friends.


4. Homemade Baked Stuff with S’mores Names

Similar to Commercialized S’mores, except with a temporary sense of wisdom and achievement.

bake by alyssa

5. Expatriate S’mores

With festive non-American marshmallows.

twirls and twirls of marshmallow (Re-post) by Claire

6. S’mores with Peanut Butter

And other innovative additions like sprinkles (always sprinkles).

Making S'mores by Emily Carlin

7. Candle S’mores

They taste like wax and make everyone think about cancer. It’s a simple way to reveal, reconsider and reorder your life priorities.

Untitled by Debs (ò‿ó)♪

8. Gluten-Free S’mores

For our poor celiac compadres.


9. Gourmet S’mores

Salted chocolate, graham cracker pudding, toasted marshmallow ice cream… Are these ingredients even at the grocery store?

s'mores. toasted marshmallow ice cream. graham cracker pudding. salted chocolate. smoked pop rocks. by djjewelz

10. Sometimes, the original recipe is still the best idea.

S'more! by amanda tetrault

(Even a Girl Scouts recipe.)


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