10 Interesting Tofu Recipes

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Tofu is more versatile than stir-fry makes it out to be. Its nearly flavorless taste makes it both boring and perfect for almost everything, from desserts and smoothies to sandwiches and snack foods.

tofu by Brandi Sims

Instead of heading for the wok pan, consider using one of these cool recipes next time you see tofu:

[For the recipes, click on the photos.]

1. “Barbecued” Tofu

– that is, with barbecue sauce.

Martha Stewart

2. Baked Tofu Sticks

– would you like…tofu with that?

Martha Stewart

3. Tofu Chocolate Mousse

Martha Stewart

4. Sauteed Tofu with Bitter Greens

– i.e. collard, mustard, baby bok choy, or dandelion.

Martha Stewart

5. Crisp Tofu with Crudites and Sesame-Ginger Dipping Sauce

Martha Stewart

6. Soy-Glazed Tofu and Carrots

– in case the word ‘tofu’ didn’t sound healthy enough.

Martha Stewart

7. Tofu Kebabs with Cilantro Sauce

Martha Stewart

8. Tofuberry Smoothies

– some people compare tofu to chicken…

Tofuberry Smoothie by FEBA

9. The infamous Tofu Sandwich Spread

Tofu Sandwich Spread by Judy

10. Miso Soup

– it’s as good as its name (i.e. pretty good).

Martha Stewart

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