10 Cool DIY Cardboard Toys

When you wrap a toy in a box as a gift for a child, the child sometimes ends up playing with the box more than the toy. Why not save a step and just make the toys from cardboard boxes, too? Cardboard toys are cheap, creative, and often easier to make than you might think. Ikat blog has some great tips on how to work with cardboard, and here are 10 creative ideas to get you started!

1. A miniature zoo

cardboard animals


via Milimbo

2. A strong yet sensitive robot

cardboard robot


via Cardboard Myth

3. An elegant dollhouse

cardboard dollhouse


via Cartabianca

4. A little washer and dryer (start them practicing early…)

cardboard washer and dryer


via Forty-Two Roads

5. A cute, colorful camera

cardboard camera

Estéfi Machado

via Estéfi Machado

6. A guitar, ukelele, or banjo

cardboard guitar


via Ikat Blog

7. An old-fashioned rotary telephone

cardboard telephone


via Ikat Blog

8. A simple cardboard bed for that favorite stuffed animal

cardboard bed


via Hellobee

9. A complete cafe!

cardboard cafe

45Wall Design

via 45 Wall Design

10. A charming horse stable

cardboard horse stable


via Mermag Blog


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