10 Charming European Farms

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The Dutch TV program Boer Zoekt Vrouw (‘Farmer Seeks Wife’) began today, which is a exciting piece of news for its 4 million fans—that is, 1/4 of the Netherlands.

'Say cheese' by FaceMePLS

The ten farmers of each season use their TV-time as a sort of dating service, hoping to find a mate despite their demanding work schedules. They show off their farms in the first episode, post their biographies online, and then respond to letters from interested candidates. The program then tracks their successes and failures.
The most letters received was an overwhelming 1,029; the least was -ahem- 2.

The show’s popularity is proof that the mystique of European farm life has not faded, especially in crowded countries such as the Netherlands.

Scheepstimmermanstraat by Lauren Manning

However, the poetic appearance of European farms could charm even the non-Dutch into writing a stack of farm-bound letters.

Take a look:

The Netherlands

Natuurgebied Buytenpark Zoetermeer by FaceMePLS
Home Sweet Home by EverJean


Sad Sunflowers by Daniel Zedda
Desolation? by Tambako the Jaguar


Untitled by Anne-Mette Jensen


Reflections by Mizrak


IMG_7724 by mike138


Belgian Automn in the countryside by Damien Halleux Radermecker


Stone wall by dynamosquito



Time to begin writing letters.


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