10 Awesome Libraries

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Thankfully, not all libraries are wrecks. A good number are still functional, fashionable and far from abandonment.
(i.e. There is hope.)

The stacks at Austria National Library by joiseyshowaa

And so, with pomp and applause, here are ten types of libraries that deserve celebration:

1. Libraries that remind you of the Matrix

Vista de la Biblioteca Vasconcelos by Eneas De Troya

2. Libraries with swirly staircases…

Mechanics' Institute Libary - San Francisco by Mike Behnken

3. Or bright escalators

Symmetry by Andrew E. Larsen

4. University libraries with Harry Potter vibes

Gould Reading Room by Alex

5. University libraries with large, clean spaces—possibly reminiscent of Vulcan architecture

Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library by Lauren Manning

6. University libraries that look suspiciously similar to churches

Suzzallo Library, one of the great libraries of the world - studying here embues you with a feeling of scholarly history, Seattle, Washington, USA by Wonderlane

7. Miscellaneous European university libraries

Study, study, study by Eric Mueller

8. Libraries that encourage annotation, book trading, and reading in the park

Library! by Reading In Public

9. Libraries with natural lighting

Inside Salt Lake City library by Casey Serin

10. Personal libraries that are organized by color

Rainbow of Books (Explore #93). by mind on fire

Now—really—go read a book.


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